Snowprayers Podcast #001

Compiled by Derek Plaslaiko in Berlin on November 23rd, 2010.

Tracklist Nov 24 2010
The first in what I hope will be a long running weekly series. Originally conceived as edition #000, this was meant to be an accurate representation of what the series is ultimately about. Slightly a bit more obvious than future editions, but a collection of great songs nonetheless. Some of my favorites of all time, as a matter of fact. I also released this edition a few days early for those back home in the states celebrating Thanksgiving to unwind after what can sometimes be a stressful day. Given some of the feedback received, it sounds like it was a welcome addition to quite a few peoples holiday. It's also worthy of mentioning that this edition was downloaded over 1000 times in the first week, FAR exceeding my original hope of around 80. Thank you to everyone who downloaded, listened and sang it's praises. And to those who may have been expecting something else, sorry... and thank you for giving it a shot in the first place.