Snowprayers Podcast #021

Compiled by Kate Lesta in Boulder, CO sometime in early January, 2013.

Tracklist Nov 28 2013
Many moons ago, Kate Simko was talking to me about "a girl you will meet one day who totally is your sister." I think we might have even called her on the phone right then and there. A bit of time passed, and then one day I did in fact meet her, and Ms Simko couldn't have been more spot on in her assessment. The girl is the curator of this long overdue (sorry bout that....) edition of Snowprayers: Kate Lesta. Kate is one of the busiest people I know. To list all of the projects she is involved with would take up far too much room for this description, but if there was 1 thing she's known for, it would be the always magical Communikey Festival (CMKY for short) which is thrown every spring in Boulder, CO. I have had the pleasure of playing 2 of them now, and even if I am not on the bill I still attend. If you have the opportunity to check it out in the future, I would absolutely recommend that you do so! Kate and her amazing crew put together a truly memorable experience, and the scenery can't be beat! Kate also works tirelessly to bring new talent stateside for tours and events. So, if you've gone to any electronic music events in the states that featured maybe an artist previously unheard of, chances are she might have had a hand in getting that person to play some amazing music for your head as well as your feet. These are the main reasons I wanted her to submit an edition for the series. The range of musical taste on Kate is extremely vast, and it certainly shines through this mix. Not only that, but like it states at the beginning... I definitely consider her to be part of my family. So, after the turkey settles tonight, throw this wonderful 2 hour ride on. But be careful... it just might get you pregnant. :) Kate, thank you SOO much for being such an amazing person in life, and for putting together this phenomenal edition of Snowprayers. And to the rest of the audience, thank you for your patience and of course... thank you for listening. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!