Snowprayers Podcast #007

Compiled by Ejival in Tijuana sometime in December, 2010

Tracklist Jan 10 2011
Plain and simple, Ejival is the man. I first met him during Communikey festival in Boulder, CO in April of last year. He was playing the opening reception for the festival, and everyone had nothing but rock solid things to say about his DJing, as well as his personality. Didn’t take long til we were introduced, and we hit it off famously. We started talking about non-electronic music, and I found his taste remarkable (even if he does lean more towards the Dan Bejar side of The New Pronographers while I lean toward AC Newman). When I started this series, Ejival was an obvious choice in my first dream roster of participants. When he sent me the mix, he used these words to describe his intentions: “I tried to do something real personal, real wintery, with lots of the music I love, songs that remind me of people I have lost on the way, including stuff that had been released on my Verdigris sub label (Florencia Ruiz, One Second Bridge and Seekers Who Are Lovers)”. This is SOOO the very definition of what I wish for when asking for editions. For more dancier things, you should check out his label “Static Discos” which he runs from his home city of Tijuana, Mexico. And if you head that way, definitely be sure to check him out if he is ripping the decks up somewhere. You won’t be disappointed. So, thank you to Ejival, and as usual... you. Enjoy!