Snowprayers Podcast #019

Orignally Compiled by Derek Plaslaiko in Paris on September 15th, 2011 and revised on Feb 18th, 2012. More info at

Tracklist Feb 22 2012
Anyone close to me knows that 2010 might have been the hardest year I have ever had. So many important things seemed to fall apart right before my eyes. There will be 2 editions from me addressing the 2 hardest issues: the passing of my father, and the breakup between me and Snowprayers alumni Ms Heidi Higginbottom. Edition #019 deals with the latter. Originally compiled in September of 2010 when I was very actively trying to win her heart back, this edition was edited down from a whopping 4 and a half hour mix highlighting songs that tell the story of our relationship, as well as trying to tell her how I was feeling. Literally every song on there has some sort of story about us to go with it. Well, long story short I officially decided to make it an edition of Snowprayers when last Monday, we realized we are much better together than we are apart so we decided to give it another go! And, I cannot be happier about it. The love I feel for her is unlike anything I have ever felt before, so I feel it's appropriate to release this condensed version of the mix to you all. I find it hard to use words that properly articulate the love I feel for this woman, but I think the songs on here express it better than I could with my own words anyway. So, if you're expecting this edition to be pretty over-the-top on the sappy factor, than you are low-balling it at best. :) But, I am not ashamed. I am in love, dammit!! I guess I followed Todd's lead from last week by getting the couple loud things out of the way at the beginning, but I feel it's a pleasant soft ride down from there. So, thank you to Heidi for the photo and the inspiration as well as trusting me with your heart once again. I love you dearly, and always will. And to you, as always... thanks for listening. xoxo