Snowprayers Podcast #018

Compiled by Todd Burns in Berlin sometime in January, 2012.

Tracklist Feb 11 2012
This week marks the return of our first guest contributor to Snowprayers: my good friend (wether he wants to admit it or not) Mr Todd L Burns. Todd was asked to give another one so soon mostly because I have a feeling he *really* enjoyed doing his first one. In the short months following it's release, he proceeded to do a couple other mixes and titled them "Snowprayers" as well! (I should try that with RA podcasts sometime!) Well, I took it as a huge compliment and am beside myself that he gave me another one. And, boy what a doozy it is! The start of it is quite powerful. So powerful that I'm guessing Todd quickly felt the need to change the mood by going up in energy rather quickly! What a lil prankster (Weezer!? On a Snowprayer!?!? OK.....). There were short talks of a veto, but quite frankly the journey down from there is a perfect example of why I love listening to, and asking people for their contributions to this series: everyones interpretation of it is different. So, settle in and be prepared to tap your toes a lil bit as Todd takes us all through his interpretation of his own winter. Next week, I will do the same. I haven't made it yet, but I'm quite certain the last 2.5 weeks of my life are going to play a dominant role in the selections. So, until then, thank you Todd for another excellent contribution. You are welcome on this bandwidth stream anytime. But, even more for being a great friend. You do better than you think you do. And to you, the listener.....thanks for listening.