Snowprayers Podcast #016

Compiled by Katherine Southerland in Chicago, IL sometime in January, 2011.

Tracklist Jan 22 2012
Part of the fun of doing this project is meeting people who have enjoyed listening to it as much as I have doing it (though, obviously it can be a little bit of a strain in the free time dept). Katherine is a perfect example of this. When I first launched the podcast, she was one of the first listeners singing the praises of it all over the internet. We hadn't met but I knew she was a friend of Robert Gorell, a longtime "budday" of mine. Kat had shown so much apprecation that I felt like I should ask her to do an edition herself and she graciously accepted! The only time we have met (to my knowledge) was at a gig I was doing at Vision in Chicago last New Years day, which was not an easy gig to show up for. I recall her saying something like she hadn't done a mix like this in years, and was looking forward to making it. She turned it in a couple weeks later, but don't think for one second that the delay in putting it out has anything to do with the final product. The mix is fantastic, and I am proud to finally be presenting it to all of you. So, to Kat thanks for your patience and for the wonderful music. Hopefully our paths will cross again sometime in the near future! To all of you, as always, thanks for listening. xoxo