Snowprayers Podcast #011

Compiled by Patti Schmidt in Montreal sometime in early January, 2011

Tracklist Feb 5 2011
Those in Montreal know a thing or 2 about winter and the snow that comes with it. They also know a thing or 2 about our guest this week, Patti Schmidt. If you don't know, from 1995 to 2006, Patti hosted a show on CBC radio called "Brave New Waves", which I would listen to religiously when I was living in Detroit thanks to a Windsor relay station that would beam her through my radio. Oh, the wonderful music I was turned onto from this program. Her tastes were always so broad, and she would give plenty of background on the artists and releases. The show was such a great resource for finding fantastic new music, and I miss the show dearly. I had the pleasure of finally putting a face to the voice while she and I were both at Decibel Festival in Seattle in 2009, where we met and very quickly became friends. When she agreed to do an edition for Snowprayers, I was beside myself with joy and am extremely pleased to present it to you now! So, thanks so much, Patti and thank you for listening!