Snowprayers Podcast #020

Compiled by Heidi Higginbottom in Paris sometime in the spring of 2012.

Tracklist Dec 24 2012
Merry Christmas, Snowprayers listeners!! Sorry it's been so long since the last edition. Things have been rather crazy, but hopefully I will get on a regular track to help keep you company this winter. For edition 20 of the series, I welcome Miss Heidi Higginbottom back for another absolutely wonderful collection of snowytime songs to fill your heart with warmth and joy on these cold winter nights. If you haven't heard her previous edition, I strongly suggest checking it out. This edition was put together earlier this year, and I finally decided that I have spent far too many nights keeping it to myself. Though it may not be very "Christmas-like", it certainly fits *my* Christmas for this year. For as I sit here typing this description out on her couch in Paris, she is preparing what smells like an absolutely incredible midnight Christmas dinner for the both of us. So, I couldn't think of a better time to pass it along to all of you! I hope it helps either prepare you for, or help you relax from whatever madness this years festivities throw at you. So, to Heidi I say thank you for the mix, as well as your love. I am lucky to spend yet another Christmas by your side, and look forward to spending many, many more. And to you, the listener... as always... thank you for listening and of course...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! XOXO